Bassano del Grappa: white asparagus territory

The Bassano Bridge and the Alpine Corps

Ponte degli Alpini - gentile concessione dell’Archivio di Vicenza è The symbol of Bassano is its famous covered bridge over the Brenta river, immortalized in one of the Italian Alpine Corps most famous songs. The Alpine Corps fought heroically during the First World War on the Grappa and other mountains that encircle Bassano.

The Ponte Vecchio, as its name (the Old Bridge) suggests, has antique origins, although it has been destroyed by war and the elements several times and rebuilt. Built of wood, which helps it resist the force of the flood waters, it currently follows Andrea Palladio’s 1569 design.

Museo della Grappa - gentile concessione dell’Archivio di Vicenza è Everybody calls it “The Alpine Corps’ bridge”, and at one end is a characteristic tavern which leads into the Alpine Corps’ Museum. At the other end of the bridge is the Nardini Grappa Distillery, the oldest in Italy, where grappa acquavite has been produced and bottled since 1779. Just a stone’s throw away is the Poli Grappa Museum, Poli being another historical distillery. Both are shrines to the second glory of Bassano after its ceramics industry, its grappa, the pride of the Vicentine area.