The treasures of Umbria

Norcia black truffles

The local black truffle contends the title of “King of Norcia” with the rival local ham. Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini is the most prized black truffle on the market worldwide and truffle hunting is pursued just as eagerly as treasure hunting. It grows in the local oak and holly oak forests and is relentlessly sought after with the invaluable help of trained dogs. In Valnerina truffle transformation and commercialisation is an important strand in the local economy. It is used to flavour tagliatelle, risottos, eggs, meat, crostini and even desserts, in both traditional recipes and innovative creations from leading chefs. Every year Norcia celebrates its truffles over the last weekend in February with a National Market, where visitors can sniff and buy this black gold to their hearts’ content, together with all Norcia’s other specialities.