Ristorante La Luna nel Bosco del Giubileo Hotel

Strascinati all’antica

The Potenza district is an area where the pasta is still handmade by skilled housewives, namely strascinati - it means dragged – in this case the pasta dough is pressed and dragged by means of the thumb. The proven recipe of the Giubileo family wants dried peppers from Senise and mature caccioricotta from Filiano; well, a real wonder! The recommended wine is a full-bodied Aglianico del Vulture, pride of the district.

The Restaurant

Ristorante La Luna nel Bosco del Giubileo Hotel
of Antonio Giubileo

Ristorante La Luna nel Bosco del Giubileo Hotel
The restaurant is in the heart of Bosco di Rifreddo, with a picturesque route winding up the mountains linking Potenza to Croce dello Scrivano Pass. When you get there, expectations are well fulfi lled: barbecued meat and game, mushrooms and the best of the local produce. Traditional food but with a bit of creativity. Worth mentioning the wine as 400 different wines are listed. Moreover, the restaurant...

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Pignola (Potenza)
S.S.92 Località Rifreddo
CAP 85010
Tel. 0971.479910
Fax 0971.594584

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