Maratea Porto (Potenza)

Ristorante Za’ Mariuccia

of Francesca Mazzeo
Ristorante Za’ Mariuccia

Though Basilicata coast on the Tyrrhenian Sea is only 22 miles long, it enjoys great fame also thanks to Maratea, a seaside resort sheltered by a mountain range. The Old Village is bathed in a sort of stillness, while Maratea Marina is full of life and offers fashionable atmosphere.
Za’ Mariuccia is located in a fi sherman’s house turned into a restaurant overlooking the sea.
Here, the best Maratea cuisine has been prepared for three generations.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Ravioli di ricotta dolci in ragù d’agnello

Maratea's fish soup is justly celebrated. It requires only reef fish and a lot of sweet or spicy red peppers from Lucania. Typical as well are the dishes prepared in the inland with the characteristic products from Monte Sirino: lamb, ricotta, and Pecorino cheese in a dish that owes its particular aroma to a pinch of sugar and cinnamon. As for the wine, there's Aglianico del Vulture, local pride. Let me tell you, as far as wine is concerned in the area stretching from Campania to Calabria, you are spoilt.

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Ravioli di ricotta dolci in ragù d’agnello
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Maratea Porto (Potenza)
Via Grotte, 2
CAP 85046
Tel. 0973.876163
fax 0973.876582

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Opening and closing time

Closed from early Oct. to the end of March,
on Thursday from Oct. to Jun.

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