Riccione (Rimini)

Ristorante Azzurra

of Maurizio Signorini and Rosella Ruggeri
Ristorante Azzurra

Dishes of fish masterly prepared are served in the distinctively furnished restaurant situated in Riccione on the promenade. In 1988, the Signorinis started their successful venture opening Azzurra - a trendy business offering accurate service. In 1999, they opened Piccola Azzurra, a fashionable patio for smokers willing to taste champagne, spirits, chocolates, and cigars ...
In 2007, the opening of Piazzetta di Azzurra: excellent aperitifs – for example oysters and champagne – are

Buon Ricordo speciality

Mezze maniche all’astaco dell’Adriatico

The menu offers everything reasonably expected based on fish: wide range of carpaccio and crudités, Alaska crab and 15 varieties of oyster, any kind of crustaceous and mixed grilled fish, and local traditional dishes, as well. The Buon Ricordo dish is a marvel of taste in its simplicity, due to fresh shellfish and to tasty ‘cherry’ tomato sauce. As for the wine, guests are spoilt, 600 different wines including many sparkling wines.

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