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Ristorante Est

Nagoya, one of the main towns in Japan, is situated on the Ise Bay, on the Pacifi c coast, between Tokyo and Osaka. Tourists get there to visit the Tokugawa Shogun Castle and the Higashiyama Forest, an incredible plot of lush green land right in the middle of the town. Unpredictably, there is also an Italian restaurant managed by a
chef that happens to be a fan of the Ferrari.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Arrosto di pollo alle erbe

The secret of this dish is tarragon, a culinary herb the hot flavour of which is between celery and anise. The chicken is browned with this herb to absorb its flavour, and then cooked with fresh tomatoes, white wine vinegar, and Trebbiano wine. The gravy is slightly thickened and served with the chicken.

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Arrosto di pollo alle erbe
Buon ricordo Plate
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