Hotel Ristorante Carnia


This simple countryside dish - agnolotti – represents the gastronomic spirit of Carnia. Agnolotti stuffing surprises for the range of ingredients such as smoked ricotta, pine nuts, raisins, spinach, onion, egg, mint, nutmeg, and cinnamon, so well proportioned that the dish – outcome of long experience – will strike guests. According to the sommelier the wine to pair with should be red and one of the prestigious Colli Orientali del Friuli collection.

The Restaurant

Hotel Ristorante Carnia
of Livio Treppo

Hotel Ristorante Carnia
Venzone can be reached from Udine driving uphill to Gemona and then going on to the Carnia district at the foot of the Giulia Pre-Alps breathtaking landscapes of this charming buttressed town. The business premises are modern and elegant; though, the traditional ‘fogolar’- a large fireplace – is to be found to remind guests about local rural traditions. The same spirit is shed on...

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Venzone Staz. Carnia (Udine)
Via Canal del Ferro, 28
CAP 33010
Tel. 0432.978013
Fax 0432.978187

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