Lokanda Devetak 1870

Mlinci con la supeta

This is a speciality served in the Carso inns; the ‘mlinci’ is handmade egg pasta thin layered, hand cut, and slightly roasted in the oven. It can also be called maltagliati – roughly cut pasta, and served with a ‘supeta’ – a thick soup made of potatoes and chicken stock. Some chunky fowl garnishes a dish that is scrumptious and succulent. To meet the local tradition, have a delicate Malvasia del Carso wine with it.

The Restaurant

Lokanda Devetak 1870
of Avguštin Devetak

Lokanda Devetak 1870
San Michele del Carso a small town near Gorizia, near the former Slovenia border, is full of WW1 recollections! Since 1870, the Devetaks have managed a trattoria – once a ‘gostilna’, and now turned into a first-rate restaurant. Here guests can tastes delicious specialities typical of Carso blended with some Adriatic and Mittel-European traditional tastes. Three lounges, a patio,...

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