Ristorante Dante Taberna De’ Gracchi

of Dante Mililli
Ristorante Dante Taberna De’ Gracchi

Near the Vatican, there’s a restaurant that was originally a popular tavern for the carriage drivers of the nearby Cola Rienzo square, but with the arrival of Dante Mililli in ’61, it took a new and totally different direction. A new name, Taberna de’ Gracchi, and carefully prepared cuisine, have transformed it into an elegant and lively gastronomic landmark with specialties in meat and fish on the grill. The most renowned dish is “bavette ai Gracchi”, with shrimps, courgette flowers and saffron.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Tagliolini all’Angelica

Egg pasta is handmade daily and you can taste it. For the dressing they fillet a gallinella (fish) and roast in a pan with oil, garlic and white wine; then they add tomatoes and mint leaves, thickening it until the required consistency is reached. As for the wine, it depends on personal taste: a full-bodied white wine from Castelli or one of the other emerging areas, like Aprilia for example, but also a delicate red wine like a Cesanese del Piglio.

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