Ristorante Hotel Bassetto

Finifini Chilometro Zero

Zero Kilometre means to use ingredients just produced locally that is the Ferentino territory. This recipe enhances the finifini that is egg-pasta - homemade in long slender threads as the Italian expression suggests - dressed with meat sauce of young beef, truffles from Central Apennines, vegetables from Ciociaria, haricot beans from Atina served on sliced homemade bread, and pears prepared with Cesanese wine paired with the Monti Ernici cheese.

The Restaurant

Ristorante Hotel Bassetto
of Concutelli Family

Ristorante Hotel Bassetto
Ferentino is one of the most interesting places in Ciociaria for its natural scenery and cultural patrimony. Beyond the walls, there are two very beautiful churches-the Duomo, built on a pre-Roman acropolis, and Santa Maria Maggiore, with Cistercian Gothic art. But really the whole town needs to be explored patiently. The above is just a tourist introduction to the gastronomic stop in the Concutelli...

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