Genova Quarto

Antica Osteria del Bai

of Gianni Malagoli
Antica Osteria del Bai

From this famous restaurant, guests have a glance at the cliffs of Quarto. Historic spot; infact, from this very spot Garibaldi and his army sailed to Sicily. The business licence dates back to 1790; yet, records dates back to the XV century when soldiers, travellers, and adventurers used to hide and shelter here. This background makes the restaurant fascinating and intriguing. Run by the Malagoli family since 1968, it is highly praised for its food and wines.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Totani ripieni di gamberi con polentina di fave

Gianni Malagoli’s dishes are rooted in the grand classic international cuisine and the traditional regional dishes mainly based on fish. The chef interprets this heritage with truly creative innovation. Try this dish: stuffed cuttlefish. It releases a delicious aroma paired with the fluffiness of smashed broad beans. The wide impressive range of wines impeccably helps to enhance the dishes.

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