San Cipriano di Serra Riccò (Genova)

Ristorante Ferrando

of Piero Ferrando
Ristorante Ferrando

San Cipriano is a delightful village in the Genoa inland, just 6 km from the Genoa-Bolzaneto tollgate. The restaurant opened in 1955, and it has always been run by the Ferrandos. Nowadays, Piero and his wife Gianna offer a typical cuisine of the Ligurian hinterland; infact, the menu shows a wide selection of meat, mushrooms, vegetables and game in season. The restaurant is rustically though cosily decorated. Truly impressive is the garden where meals are served in the summer.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Vitella a oxelletto

Simple recipes always enhance the character of the main ingredients: first and foremost, "scamone di vitella" - the best veal rump cut is roasted, then finely sliced and served with a side-dish of artichokes, peas, mushrooms, or potatoes tossed with a clove of garlic, a bay leaf and a dash of the best olive oil, according to seasons. The origin of ‘Oxelletto’ is uncertain. As the dish is delicate, it may suggest a delicate bird; indeed, the word means bird in the local dialect. Nonetheless, the recipe is so old that the original meaning has been lost. Does it matter? Not at all, what matters is that it is a delicious dish.

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