Ristorante Gran Gotto

of Bertola Family
Ristorante Gran Gotto

The Bertola family that has been running the business for over three generations is rightly very proud as the restaurant enjoys an excellent reputation. You are really impressed when you first enter. Infact, it is elegant, with a classical atmosphere in spite of the modern paintings hanging on the walls. Much the same can be said about the dishes - based on the regional traditions, yet innovative. The wine list is impressive, as well as the selection of olive oils, a paradise for connoisseurs. Guests are pampered.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Brandade di stoccafisso

This is a truly traditional Liguria-Provencal dish. Stockfish is a typical food of the seamen cuisine. Stockfish is steamed together with typical "quarantine" potatoes. First-rate olive oil, garlic, and parsley are afterwards added. The whole is tossed in a pan, and then stirring over and over cooked on a low flame. The outcome is the so-called 'brandade' (pronounced as in French) - a creamy paste to spread on rosemary toasts.

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