Albenga (Savona)

Ristorante Il Pernambucco

of Luciano and Ivana Alessandri and Nicoletta
Ristorante Il Pernambucco

Albenga is one of the most interesting seaside resorts of the “Riviera delle Palme”. The inland is typified by the green Ingaune Valleys. The “insignia” of this prestigious restaurant, close to the sea promenade, is the “Pernambucco” orange, locally harvested since the ancient times. The orange symbol draws attention to the strong sense of tradition of the Alessandri family: Ivana Alssandri and Nicoletta, her daughterin- law, in the back-of-the-house, while Luciano Alessandri and Massimo, his son, in the front-of-the-house. Guests may enjoy a charming veranda overlooking an English-styled garden.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Lattughe ripiene

Liguria is famous for its vegetable production, and Albenga owes its reputation to the local vegs. This recipe dates back to the Middle Ages, and, by all accounts, it looks as if originally it belonged to a monastery on the western coast. An outstanding combination as the tender sweet lettuce leaves are stuffed with meat, vegetables, and, obviously, the fresh Liguria herbs - especially marjoram, and as final touch freshly ground nutmeg.

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Lattughe ripiene
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Albenga (Savona)
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