Porto Venere (La Spezia)

Trattoria Della Marina

of Antonio and Roberto Canese
Trattoria Della Marina

La trattoria overlooks the main square, which opens on a breathtaking setting – the Porto Venere promenade and some moored boats. This is a unique scenery framed by the Cinque Terre National Park - included in the UNESCO World Heritage - and some historical places. The trattoria menu strengthens any demanding guests’ hopes to taste many of the regional specialities as stated by the Ordine dei Cavalieri della Confraternita del Pesto, which the trattoria belongs to. In addition, the menu offers a wide range of local seafood specialities.

Buon Ricordo speciality

A sùpa dù Angioleto

This guazzetto – fishsoup – is made with the renowned typical Porto Venere seafood - “muscles”, clams, shrimps, and lobsters. To enhance its taste green and pink whole peppers and the local olive-oil are added to create a flavoured sauce served with croutons. This dish may be paired with either an intense Vermentino wine or a Ciliegiolo red wine.

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Where we are

Porto Venere (La Spezia)
Piazza Marina, 6
CAP 19025
Tel. e Fax 0187.790686

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Opening and closing time

Closed Thu.
Holiday Jan. 10 to Feb. 15.

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