Genova Nervi

Trattoria Patan

of Anna D’Urso
Trattoria Patan

Trattoria Patan in Nervi was a first-rate traditional gastronomic restaurant, but it has recently recovered its glamour. It is situated near the harbour in the Roman via Aurelia in a historic palace freshly restored. Anna D’Urso, the Managing Director, recommends dishes based on fish and the typical recipes of the Liguria cuisine. Special care is paid to the quality of the ingredients. Here guests can enjoy a glass of wine thanks to a wide range of Italian wines mainly form Liguria.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Ciupin – zuppa alla genovese

In the past, bread was not a suitable commodity on ships. In fact, it was replaced with firm, dry, but brittle ship’s biscuit and crisps-bread, which was easy to use in the preparation of meals. In Liguria, such dishes - from the famous anchovy ‘bagnùn’ to the refined ‘cappon magro’ - are very often listed in menus, and the Genoese Soup or ‘ciupin’, as the local people call it, witnesses the use of crisps-bread too. It is a fish-soup, which was usually made on board prepared with daily catch – any sort of fish and seafood - cooked in earthenware pots. A good white Bianco del Tigulllio wine will enhance the flavour of the soup.

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