Aprica (Sondrio)

Gimmy’s Restaurant

of Gianmarco Bosoni
Gimmy’s Restaurant

Aprica, what a reliable resort! Its name derives from Latin and means the mountain slope exposed to the sun.
Sited on the stretch of level ground linking Valtellina, to Valcamonica, it is one of the most renowned mountain resorts in Lombardy appreciated both in winter and in summer, so getting there is a treat! Moreover, the warm welcome at the Arisch Hotel and the appetizing dishes served at the Gimmy’s Restaurant make the treat more pleasing. The hotel wooden decoration is the perfect frame where traditional dishes enhanced by Mediterranean flavours can be enjoyed along with a large number of wine labels.

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Where we are

Aprica (Sondrio)
Via Privata Gemelli s.n.
CAP 23031
Tel. e Fax 034.2747048

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Opening and closing time

 Closed May 1 to Jun. 1 and Sept. 30 to Dec.1.

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