Hotel Sassella Ristorante Jim

Dadolata di filetto con crema di Bitto Dop e bacetti di segale

Grosio is a characteristic town located very near the Stelvio National Park, just where the Adda River which forms the Valtellina Valley, winds round the Retiche Alps. This landscape is the background of our dish: beef, mountain pasture butter, and wild thyme paired with a creamy sauce made of Bitto cheese, one of the most celebrated Valtellina cheeses, and with rye gnocchetti sprinkled with freshly ground nutmeg to top. A fabulous meal!
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The Restaurant

Hotel Sassella Ristorante Jim
of Giacomo Jim Pini

Hotel Sassella Ristorante Jim
In Valtellina, Sassella brings to mind two famous realities: the Sanctuary close to Sondrio and the wine production of the neighbouring spots. Sassella is both a family name and the name of a hotel in Grosio celebrated for its gastronomic tradition. Founded in 1908, Giacomo Sassella, nicknamed Jim because he had been to Australia, run the business in the thirties. Then, he handed it over to his nephew,...

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