Locanda Degli Artisti

Marubini ai profumi dell’orto

Marubini is a classic dish of Cremona cuisine and the classic dish for Christmas dinner. Shaped like tortellini, its stuffing is made with braised beef, pork, salami, and local Parmesan. Classic Marubini is served in beef - pork - chicken stock, but Carboni, our ingenious chef, drains Marubini, sautés it in herbs, in finely chopped vegetables and pancetta, and serves with grated Parmesan on top. That’s our chef’s coup-de-théâtre!
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Locanda Degli Artisti
of Sergio Carboni

Locanda Degli Artisti
The geographical triangular area the bounderies of which are marked by the Oglio River and the Po River is a picturesque landscape as well as an outstanding food-and-wine district. Here, the Carbonis have run for four generations the Italia Restaurant at villa Sommi Picenardi located in Torri, and the Locanda degli Artisti, an inn sited in one of the most typical Lombard yards in Cappella. The...

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