Mariano Comense (Como)

Ristorante La Rimessa

of Sergio Mauri
Ristorante La Rimessa

Mariano is a town that gives credit to the full of history reputation of Brianza, a hilly area well known to gourmets. Clear-cut evidence is Villa Besana situated in a wood of centuryold cedar trees of Lebanon. Here is the entrance of the Rimessa Restaurant. The “rimessa” used to be the coach house. Nowadays, the place has turned into a high-class restaurant. The front-of-thehouse is impressive rooms with columns, vaults, and wooden raftered ceilings. In the arcaded courtyard there is a barbeque corner.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Rostisciada alla brianzola

The rosticciata is a very well known dish in Lombardy. Its standard ingredients are pork, sausages, and onions served with polenta. This basic recipe is tailored to meet the local produce, so the Brianza rosticciata, specifically in the Monza area, is prepared with a local sausage called ‘luganega’ - made of lean meat and of parmesan, and potatoes, too. This means that it is a flavoursome, creamy main course that can be paired with a mellow Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese wine to enhance its taste.

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