Villastrada di Dosolo (Mantova)

Ristorante Nizzoli Nuovo piatto

of Odoardo Nizzoli
Ristorante Nizzoli

Villastrada is geographically speaking equidistant from Mantua, Parma, and Modena. Its location has enriched its traditional gastronomy. The restaurant dates back to the old times, it has been run by the Nizzoli family for long. It is a sort of museum: walls are full of murales - wall paintings, photographs, and mementos of famous guests. Every season has its own specialty: pork - late winter, escargot in spring, melon in summer, frog and grapes in autumn, of course, pumpkin and white truffl es in early winter.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Piatto Padano

Well, actually this dish is just stuffed sweet peppers au gratin served with cheese sauce, but on the Nizzoli menu it is listed among the haute cuisine dishes thanks to its qualities. The stuffing is the secret! Two kinds of cheese, local Parmesan and provola, herbs and vegetables, and walnuts are accurately weighed out to harmonize in colours and texture. On top, au gratin cooking adds caramel zest enhanced by a silky sauce. Pair the dish with a glass of tempting local Lambrusco.

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