Belgirate (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola)

Hotel Villa Carlotta

of Ovidio Mugnai
Hotel Villa Carlotta

Maggiore Lake is one of the classical holiday destinations of Italians. This grand hotel offers tourists wonderful panoramas as well as a lively social life. Staying here is to realize a dream. You will enjoy the building dating back to the old times that overlooks the lake, and the ancient botanical garden. What a setting for the restaurant where you can taste appetizing dishes! It looks as if you are living the Belle Époque. Moreover, Duccio and Giuliana Mugnai, long-experienced restaurateurs, welcome their guests like in the old days.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Risotto con filetti di lavarello

Lake whitefish is a local fish to be found in the Pre-Alps lakes. It has silver scales and it is deliciously tender. The whitefish fillets are big and definitely fit in the haute cuisine. To enhance their delicate taste, they are just sautéed long enough to a golden brown. This dish is paired with a typical local risotto prepared with fish-broth.

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Hotel Villa Carlotta ****

Majestic 1800s hotel with 130 rooms and all modern comforts. A large park with a spectacular view of the lake. Private beach, heated pool and tennis court.

Belgirate (VB)
Via Mazzini, 121/125
Tel. 0322.76461
Fax 0322.76705

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Hotel Villa Carlotta ****