Neive (Cuneo)

La Contea Nuovo piatto

of Claudia and Tonino Verro
La Contea

Neive is a picturesque village in the Langhe marked by TCI Orange Banner because of their commitment to reducing environmental impact and to warmly welcoming tourists. On this very spot, an ancient mansion turned into a sort of traditional as well as innovative gourmet sanctuary by Claudia and Tonino is in the main square. There near the Tower, there is «Al nido della cinciallegra» Wine-bar, ideal for demanding connoisseurs. Not far, «La Contea» farm supply organic wines and produce.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Bagna Caôda

The story of this dish is a sort of fairy-tale involving the anchovy trade of the Maira mountain people and the significant role played by garlic in the Langhe traditions. That is the reason why ‘bagna caôda’ is regarded as the very traditionally local dish, a humble and poor dip much patronized by the Savoyard population in Turin. The dip is kept warm throughout the dinner and raw vegetables such as cardoon, pickled sweet pepper, and marc are served with it. Pair it with Nebbiolo delle Langhe wine.

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Locanda La Contea ***

Accommodation is available at La Contea Restaurant should guests be willing to spend some time in the area. Some rooms are upstairs, some in ancient buildings downtown, and some at the farm. All rooms are cosy and comfortably furnished.

Neive (CN)
Piazza Cocito, 8
Tel. 0173.67126
Fax 0173.67367


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Locanda La Contea ***