Ristorante Filippino

Zuppetta del nonno Filippino

It is well known that for a good fish-soup the scorpion fish - due to its texture and flavour - is one of the best ingredients, but the Grandpa Soup is just made of scorpion fish with some small tomatoes and Lipari spice. According to gourmets, this stew is superb and when a handful of quadrucci - homemade egg-pasta – is added this soup is mouth-watering as stated by Filippino who claims it is a Lipari genuine dish.
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The Restaurant

Ristorante Filippino
of Antonio e Lucio Bernardi

Ristorante Filippino
Filippino’s located in the main square at the foot of the Castle at Lipari for over 100 years is run by its promoter’s children, Antonio in the front and Lucio in the back of the house. Formerly a meeting place of local fishermen, in the course of time the most varied guests have been welcome: impressionist painters, interned politicians, Fascist Party leaders, writers, directors, and...

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Where we are

Lipari - Isole Eolie (Messina)
Piazza Municipio
CAP 98055
Tel. 090.9811002
Fax 090.9812878


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Opening and closing time

Closed on Mondays from Oct. to March.
Holidays: from Nov. 15 to Dec. 26.
Summer open all week.

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