Capo d’Orlando (Messina)

Ristorante Hotel La Tartaruga Nuovo piatto

of Damiano Family
Ristorante Hotel La Tartaruga

Capo d’Orlando is a rocky ledge that makes the Tyrrhenian coast near Messina overwhelming. San Gregorio Bay has long beautiful beaches bordered with lush green gardens full of citrus trees. This environment houses a hotel renowned for its annexed restaurant specialized in seafood dishes, but with a difference: sea and land tastes are innovatively combined. Ingredients from Monti Nebrodi, “an isle in the island” so called thanks to its luxuriant vegetation.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Spaghetti con bottarga fresca

Classic bottarga, regarded as the ‘Mediterranean caviar’, is the pickled, pressed, dried, seasoned roe of the mullet or the tuna. We prefer to use it fresh because of its slightly brackish and fine taste. Processed and emulsified with extra-virgin olive oil and pickled anchovies, it turns out to be a perfectly flavoured sauce for spaghetti. An over-tempting dish!

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Hotel La Tartaruga ***

A modern structure with a marble facade, three floors with 48 rooms. The grounds are pleasant between the greenery, a pool and the seaside.

Capo d’Orlando (ME)
Lido San Gregorio, 4
Tel. 0941.955012
Fax 0941.955056

Hotel La Tartaruga ***