Ristorante Hotel Moderno

Scaloppine di cernia agli agrumi di Sicilia

The cuisine of the island suggests combinations of tastes that at first seem odd. For example, citrus fruit is used on savoury food; this habit is owed to Arabian rule. It is the case of this recipe; in fact, delicate grouper fillets are paired with sweet-and-sour vegetables, lemon, and orange topped with a dash of extra-virgin DOP olive oil from Valli Trapanesi.
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Ristorante Hotel Moderno
of Giuseppe Catalano

Ristorante Hotel Moderno
Erice is a medieval village full of its 3000 years’ history. The Elemis founded it and the Normans fortifi ed it. From the top of the rocky Sicilian furthest headland, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. Hotel Moderno is an institution; scientists – well, let’s be frank Erice is the town of Sciences – meet at the hotel restaurant - a Buon Ricordo Restaurant....

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Erice (Trapani)
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CAP 91016
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