Antica Trattoria Botteganova Enoteca

of Ettore Silvestri
Antica Trattoria Botteganova Enoteca

On the old Chiantigiana road, a cosy restaurant — a place full of atmosphere where guests are warmly welcome — offers a typical rich full-flavoured Tuscan cuisine and innovative dishes as well as special dishes for people
suffering from celiac disease. Meat and vegetables are locally produced, and high-quality seafood is daily supplied.
The front of the house comprises 3 halls: one houses 24 guests, another 12 guests, and the wine-hall houses
parties of 12 guests. As the kitchen is open, few guests are offered the opportunity to dine with a chef in the
kitchen: thrilling experience indeed! Cuisine classes and theme evenings are run. Small-sized pets are welcome.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Cinta Senese grigliata con la sua salciccia

Cinta is a mammal of the pig family depicted in the Effetti del Buon Governo fresco at Palazzo Comunale – Town Hall Palace. The cinta coat is grey with a white stripe. Its pork meat and cold meat have an incomparable taste. This recipe conjures up the images of the good old days – namely a specific pig day - when the cinta marinade used to be barbequed and served with a sort of sausage and croutons paired with a simple green salad and a red table wine to enhance its taste.

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