San Gimignano

Ristorante Albergo Latini

of Latini Family
Ristorante Albergo Latini

“Guests make a restaurant highly reputed...” this was the motto of Mr. Latini, founder of this business. In 1951, it used to be a sort of wine-shop, where presciutto and ribollita was served.
Guests were happy to go there, as the grandparents were skilled landlords. So are the grandchildren, nowadays. They run a new modern restaurant on the route from Certaldo to Gimignano. Their specialities are homemade pasta and grilled meat. Great wine list managed by Chiara, an expert wine-stewardess.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Pici stesi a mano, sugo di salsiccia e cavolo nero

‘Pici’ is a sort of pasta typical of the Siena district. Don’t dare call it spaghetti! As it is homemade and hand-roll out, it acquires a special texture. The sauce to go with is made with capocollo, pancetta, pepper, hot pepper, fennel seeds, paprika, cavolo nero – a sort of local cabbage namely the one used for ribollita, and ‘cherry’ tomatoes. It must simmer for one and a half hours at least. Guests will be spoilt by this dish that requires diligent cooking. They will certainly tell their experience to friends.

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Albergo Latini ***

The hotel annexed to the restaurant (80 places indoors and 50 outdoors) has 24 modern comfortable rooms. Strategic position: 6 miles from Gimignano, 26 miles from Florence, Siena, and Volterra. Early bookings and families will enjoy a discount.

San Gimignano loc. Badia a Elmi (SI)
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Albergo Latini ***