Ristorante Buca di San Francesco

of Mario and Giulia De Filippis
Ristorante Buca di San Francesco

In the historical town centre of Arezzo, this restaurant that dates back to 1929, takes its name after the nearby church (defi nitely worth visiting as it houses some famous paintings by Piero della Francesca) and is situated in what in the past were the cellars of a 14th century building. This means that the location is amazingly stunning thanks to its medieval architecture. Many of the recipes are from 14th century recipe books as well; this makes this restaurant a sanctuary. Mario De Filippis and his sons run it with the instantly recognizable Tuscan friendliness.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Salsicce alla cacciatora con medaglione di verdure e cibreo

This dish dates back to the days when hunting in the forests of the Casentino area was popular, and when all that hard work was rewarded with a plate of stewed sausages and beans with baked vegetables. The side dish of ‘cibreo’ is quite characteristic, it is a very old recipe, which sees chicken livers enriched with a sauce of egg yolk and lemon juice.

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