Ristorante Granaro del Monte dal 1850

Filetto di maiale al lardo su crema di pecorino, pere e tartufo

150 years of tradition makes the difference! The family know where to get supplies: pork, lardo, well mature pecorino - sheep cheese -from Castelluccio, pears, and black truffle. In short the best local products enhanced by the impressive expertise of the chef.

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Ristorante Granaro del Monte dal 1850
of Carlo Bianconi

Ristorante Granaro del Monte dal 1850
Norcia sounds a bit threatening to gourmets: cold cuts and cheese, mushroom and truffle, spelt and lentils from the Apennines, homemade pasta and meat of any kind, trout, game, and wild boar… To get to Norcia from Spoleto drive up the picturesque Nera Valley, hometown of St. Benedict with the Sibillini Mountains on the background. This restaurant and hotel located downtown – that is within...

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