Hotel Ristorante Casale

Scaloppa alla valdostana

The menu lists all the traditional dishes of the local cuisine such as valpellinenze soup, cheese polenta, trout in red wine, beef carbonada, and noticeably, the famous Valdostana. The recipe is simple; it is a slice of veal tossed in a pan with a slice of ham and a slice of fontina. Guests are always delighted and amazed by the delicacy of this food, which is due to the excellent quality of its ingredients. The Valdostana is impeccably paired with a side dish of vegetables in season.
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The Restaurant

Hotel Ristorante Casale
of Claudio Casale Brunet

Hotel Ristorante Casale
Saint-Christophe is a village close to Aosta. Set in a breathtaking valley, it is the gateway to the eye-catching Valpelline. Tourists come here to enjoy the charming panorama as well as the delicacies at Casale’s. The restaurant located in a nice Alpine house has gained solid reputation thanks to its local traditional cuisine. The wine list is rich including a wide range of the best wines of...

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Where we are

Saint Christophe (Aosta)
Fraz. Condemine, 1
CAP 11020
Tel. 0165.541203
Fax 0165.541962

Opening and closing time

Closed Sun. dinner and Mon.
Holidays Jan. 10 to 25 and Jun. 20 to Jul 5.

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