Il Burchiello Ristorante Locanda

Risotto di Gò

The word ‘gò’ means ‘ghiozzi’ – lagoon goby fish, in the local dialect. Goby fish is tiny and ugly, however extremely delicious. The recipe is very simple: small fillets of goby fish are first tossed with half a glass of white wine in a pan long enough to get brown, then cooked with Carnaroli rice, and finally mantecato – the technique that makes the risotto properly creamy - with butter, cheese, and a dash of Cognac and lemon juice as final touch.
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The Restaurant

Il Burchiello Ristorante Locanda
of Adelino and Gabriele Carraro

Il Burchiello Ristorante Locanda
“Burchiello” is a wherry - a light rowboat used for carrying passengers on the Veneto canals and chiefl y from Padua to Venice on the Brenta River on the banks of which many of the marvellous Palladio Villas are to be found. Let’s pretend that our wherry would dock at Mira - one of the most picturesque sites still in good condition and where the typical “Lagoon” cuisine...

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