Miane (Treviso)

Ristorante Da Gigetto

of Luigi Bortolini
Ristorante Da Gigetto

Miane is a village in the picturesque Soligo Valley, on the road leading to Valdobbiadene Valley - homeland of Prosecco - a paradise of mouthwatering food and wine. Should you need a cultural pretext, Follina Abbey is neraby. After sightseeing the abbey, pop in Da Gigetto’s, you will be struck by the dishes listed in the menu. Luigi Bortolini who warmly welcomes guests and provides meals of excellence beside an outstanding atmosphere runs the restaurant.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Rosetta di vitello alle quattro stagioni

Marca Trevigiana is one of the most famous "food-andwine districts" in Veneto. It treasures Cimadolmo asparagus, Montello mushrooms, Treviso radicchio rosso, and many other farming products. This recipe is a clear-cut example; in fact, this dish requires the best veal cut and the best vegetables in season. The wine list offers an impressive range of wines.

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Rosetta di vitello alle quattro stagioni
Buon ricordo Plate
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Miane (Treviso)
Via A. De Gasperi, 5
CAP 31050
Tel. 0438.960020
Fax 0438.960111

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Closed Mon. dinner, Tue.,
15 days in Jan., 20 days in Aug

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