Ristorante Parco Gambrinus

Gamberi alla Gambrinus

This dish reminds the "great times gone by” when prawns were caught in the crystal waters flowing in the district. The recipe must be simple to enhance the deliciousness of prawns that once cooked get a coral red colour. The meal is dished out with a herb sauce, and polenta, of course. How can this food be eaten up? Well, our wise restaurateur provides a ‘Gambrinus Guide’ with the dish. Simply follow the instructions step by step. The plain key suggestion is: use your fingers! A large napkin is always within reach.
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The Restaurant

Ristorante Parco Gambrinus
of Adriano Zanotto

Ristorante Parco Gambrinus
Gambrinus one of the historical restaurants in Veneto proudly boasts more than 150 years’ activity. Worth mentioning that in the Middle Ages it used to be a pilgrim hostel. It is a unique place set in a huge lush green park with a spring-water feeding streams, and small lakes. Adriano Zanotto, the current landlord, acquired fame both as one of the “innovators” of Treviso cuisine...

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San Polo di Piave (Treviso)
Loc. Gambrinus, 18
CAP 31020
Tel. 0422.855043
Fax 0422.855044

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Closed Sun. dinner and Mon. (except holidays)
Closed 15 days in January and 15 days in August

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