Finale Emilia (Modena)

Osteria La Fefa

of Giovanna Guidetti
Osteria La Fefa

Finale Emilia is situated on a district limited by 5 provinces - Modena, Bologna, Ferrara, Mantua, and Rovigo – it has been so affected by its geographical position that it offers a unique cuisine. Since the good old days of Lady Genoveffa, this ‘osteria’ has been located in one of the many ancient arcaded buildings typical of this little town renowned as the “Venice of the Estensi Court”. In fact, its numerous canals made easy to sail to the Po River and to Le Rocche Castle, which is worth visiting.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Sformato di Parmigiano Reggiano e prosciutto croccante di Modena

The Buon Ricordo dish Giovanna Guidetti, the nice landlady, recommends is a combination of Emilia first-rate cooking that enhances the excellent products of this land. Parmigiano Reggiano is the main ingredient in sformato – a sort of flan – paired with cialda; then, a julienne of Modena prosciutto served crispy as side dish. As far as wine is concerned, guests are spoilt; still, the renowned Lambruschi Modenesi wine is recommended.

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Locanda La Fefa

From the arcades of an ancient palace, just upstairs the osteria, guests get to the hotel-inn: bedrooms and suites decorated with cherry-wood furniture and healthy eco-friendly accessories, from natural latex mattresses to natural fabrics.

Finale Emilia (MO)
Via Trento Trieste, 9/C
Tel. e Fax 0535.780202

Locanda La Fefa
Buon ricordo Plate
Where we are

Finale Emilia (Modena)
Via Trento Trieste, 9/c
CAP 41034
Tel. 0535.780202

Opening and closing time

Closed on Tuesdays.
Holidays: in Jan. and Jul.

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