Buon Ricordo specialities

Each Buon Ricordo restaurant creates a recipe that perfectly represents its local tradition and local produce as the restaurant’s signature dish. This option is on the menu year round and is also represented on the restaurant’s special ceramic plate, which is presented as a gift to customers who choose it.

Note: Buon Ricordo restaurants are proud of their speciality recipes inspired by local traditions and typically Italian ingredients, products and methods of cooking. Unfortunately they are difficult to translate accurately and explain to anyone who does not know Italy and its regional culinary traditions well and even more difficult to cook successfully without the original ingredients. So it has been decided to leave the recipes on this site and in our recipe books in Italian, however we have included a brief description in English of the specialities on each restaurant’s page.

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Fantasia di Baccalà

Fantasia di Baccalà
Since the Serenissima Republic, Venetian chefs have always prepared excellent dishes based on dried or salt cod. At first, dried cod was imported as long-life food supplies; later on, it was used to prepare light meals for the days of abstinence. Eventually, it started to be cooked for aristocracy, so it acquired fame. Traditional recipes have inspired this fantasy dish sophisticatedly dished out to fulfil the expectations of demanding guests.