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Ristorante Parizzi

Parma is one of the Italian gourmet sanctuaries, and this restaurant reputation perfectly fits in. The Parizzi family has been running it for three generation. Started out as an ‘osteria’ it has been turned into a chic restaurant with amazing decoration in the front-ofthe-house, and high-tech devices in the back-of-the-house. Marco Parizzi is an extraordinary chef, often on the air in TV shows, while Cristina – his wife – is maitre d’ and also in charge of the wine cellar. Actually, the wine list is reputed one of the best in Italy.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Spiedino di stracotto di manzo alla parmigiana

This reworked dish belongs to the classical ducal menu. Hard job? Well, actually, it isn’t. We make the classic braising – breast of beef braised in red wine with some herbs and spices to make the meat intensely flavoured, meanwhile the ‘taragna’ polenta — which includes buckwheat flour — is being cooked. The trick of the trade is to slice both ingredients roundish, and then fry the polenta as long as it becomes crisp. After that, discs are skewered and served on some tasty gravy from the braising.

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Suite & Studio Parizzi ***

By the end of 2008, a hotel-apartment is opening and it offers 13 sorts of accommodation – suites and apartments equipped with kitchen and for 2 to 4 people. Charming and minimalist decoration in accordance with the restaurant style.

Strada della Repubblica, 71
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Suite & Studio Parizzi ***