Collecchio (Parma)

Ristorante Villa Maria Luigia

of Ceci Family
Ristorante Villa Maria Luigia

“Collecchio” brings to mind images of Carrega Woods and of holiday at the time of Maria Luigia the Duchess. The Ceci family has run this restaurant located 10 kilometres from Parma, a town full of art and heritage, for three generations. Guests are pampered with dishes prepared by the great traditional Parma chefs of the local college and with innovative recipes that enhance the excellent products of this rich farming district. It is full of atmosphere and in summer guests can enjoy their meals on the terrace overlooking the century-old park.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Risotto con quaglia farcita

A dish of the bygone times loved by the aristocrats. These game birds are hunted for sport or food in specific months. The recipe wants the fowl stuffed with sausagemeat and liver, and then wrapped up with pancetta and sage. Next, it is cooked in a pan with a glass of white wine, then dished out on a bed of risotto mantecato, and finally topped with the fowl gravy. The suggested wine to go with is Rosso dei Colli Parma, but be more adventurous and try a sparkling Malvasia the wine local people would drink throughout their meals.

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