Ristorante Porco Rosso

of Ukon Wataru
Ristorante Porco Rosso

The “Buon Ricordo” plate removes any doubt: a gondola with Rialto Bridge in the background speaks volumes about the culinary approach in this place. Soon you’ll fi nd out that chef Ukon’s experience is 7 years’ training at trattoria Dall’Amelia, one of the sanctuaries of Venetian cuisine. As to the name Porco Rosso, no panic: it’s a quotation, obviously Venetian, from a Japanese cartoon movie by Hayao Miyazaki, winner of the Oscar Award.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Bigoli in salsa

Bigoli looks like spaghetti, but it is made with egg pasta and in Venice is still homemade by many housewives by means of a device. Day-to-day, it was served with a sauce made from anchovies melted in olive oil. It is a modest food, and its deliciousness belongs to the pasta. For such an exquisite dish a nice glass of white wine is recommended.

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