Checchino dal 1887

of Marina, Elio and Francesco Mariani
Checchino dal 1887

In Roma it’s a real institution. We are in the Testaccio quarter, and Checchino was the birthplace of “rigatoni con la pajata” and “coda alla vaccinara”, popular plates par excellence, invented around the meat cut from the “fifth fourth” otherwise known as the unused cuts and the offal, but what a taste! From this restaurant many adventurers, princes, people from the world of show business and politics have stopped by, leaving a train of relics and anecdotes that always liven up a conversation. The visit to the cellar is unforgettable.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Involtini di carne alla romana

From Checchino, today in its fifth generation, the cuisine is still faithful to its origins and it couldn’t be any other way. The historic menu is worth announcing: zampi salad, rigatoni con pajata, bucatini alla gricia, coda alla vaccinara, cicoria di campo in padella, seasoned pecorino, ricotta cake. Just like a plate of Buon Ricordo, though, these roulades prepared with slices of beef and handful of celery, carrots, and bacon, with one leaf of penny royal, mean pleasant seasonal variations.

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