Frascati (Roma)

Ristorante Cacciani

of Cacciani Family
Ristorante Cacciani

The name “Frascati” evokes the pleasure of a country-side outing with a stop at a tavern in the shadow of a pergola: that is fi rstly true for the Romans, but the fame of the Castles and its trademark wines has gone around the world.
Founded in 1922, this restaurant is also fortunate in having a terrace with a view of the hills as far as Roma and the sea. Moving on with the third generation, the Cacciani cuisine alternates between traditional specialties, re-made to be more delicate, and subtly innovative dishes.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Pappardelle al ragù in bianco ed erbe di caccia

A remake of the traditional “abbacchio alla cacciatora” recipe. Three kinds of meats are necessary: sirloin steak, sausages and lamb, all prepared in a ragù sauce with sage, rosemary, pennyroyal, and a pinch of chilli pepper. Having added this sauce to the pappardelle, add a sprinkle of roman pecorino and briefly heat in a pan to finish. This is a good opportunity to taste a Frascati, highly recommended by the true experts.

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Hotel Cacciani ***

In the center of Frascati, near the restaurant, 21 rooms furnished with much care. Panoramic windows and balconies. Breakfast buffet with home made sweets.

Frascati (RM)
Via A. Diaz, 15
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Hotel Cacciani ***