Ristorante Il Funghetto

Zuppa di pescato quotidiano

The name says it all. It is a declaration of intent! The dish is new every single day, with whatever the fishermen bring to the cook. The recipe requires molluscs (squids, cuttlefish, and curled octopus), crustaceans (scampi, large prawns, and red shrimps) and other fish (scorpion-fish, stargazer and others). And to the list we should add little tomatoes, onion, garlic and white wine, besides home made bread to be served as toast. That’s it, but the result will be surprising in both taste and in delicacy.

The Restaurant

Ristorante Il Funghetto
of Michela and Michele Lombardi

Ristorante Il Funghetto
Circeo’s coast, with beach dunes, coast side lakes, and scenery from Sabaudia, is a very particular tourist attraction. The restaurant is near Litoranea and offers refi ned sea food cuisine, with traditional classics like minestra (soup) with ray and broccoli, and dishes, each made with a touch of individual fantasy, like mille-feuille made with branzino, potatoes, and artichokes. All thanks...

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Where we are

Borgo Grappa (Latina)
Strada Litoranea, 11412
CAP 04010
Tel. e Fax 0773.208009

Opening and closing time

During the months of July and Aug. open every night, lunch only on Sund.
Closed on Wed.
From Sept. to June closed Wed. and Sun. evenings.

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