Rivodutri (Rieti)

Ristorante La Trota dal ’63 Nuovo piatto

of Sandro and Maurizio Serva
Ristorante La Trota dal ’63

Rivodutri is a town by the road that goes from Rieti to Umbria, passing through a beautiful zone with Franciscan convents, filled with greenery and streams that join the river Velino. Having said this, the curiosity to understand the reason for the name of this restaurant must rightly be satisfied; started as a restaurant more than forty years ago, its historic specialty is fish straight from the river. With time, having been passed on to the children, though still firmly keeping to the family way of doing things, it has become a restaurant that offers refined local cuisine.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Consommé di tinca, passaggio speziato, capelli d’angelo

Though not popular, Tinca Tench is a very appetizing fish. Our ancestry aware of its gourmet taste used to have Tench consommé on Christmas Eve Supper. This speciality has been updated to make it even more tempting. The Tench is first soaked in a spicy marinade, and then dished up. The fine vermicelli is added while being served so thanks to the heat of the fish stock the long slender threads cook before guests. An intriguing dish indeed!

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Villa S. Susanna

Near the restaurant, six comfortable rooms in a majestic setting in the countryside. Enchanting place, fresh and relaxing.

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Villa S. Susanna