Recco (Genova)

Ristorante Manuelina

of Carbone Family
Ristorante Manuelina

Recco is the gateway to the beauties of the Riviera di Levante: Camogli, Portofino, Rapallo and so forth… That’s why enjoying a meal at “Manuelina” is a tradition for travellers driving the Aurelia. The Carbone family has been running this famous restaurant for ages. They have improved their business acquiring a hotel and a “focacceria”. The restaurant decoration is rusticelegant, and the menu is based on fish, vegetables, and mushrooms.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Corzetti dei Fieschi alle quattro stagioni

Manuelina is famous not only for its cheese "focaccia" - the pride of the town, but also because she upholds the traditional "Levante" recipes. This is the case for "corzetti", disc-shaped egg pasta. Once, noble families used to emboss corzetti with their family shields. Sauces to pair corzetti are according to seasons: vegetables in Spring; herbs and pine nuts in Summer; "porcini" mushrooms in Autumn; stuffed olives in Winter.

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Hotel Manuelina La Villa ****

A typical villa from Liguria with two floors and more modern building connected through a panoramic elevator. In all, 23 rooms with modern comforts and a splendid view over the Riviera.

Recco (GE)
Via Roma, 296
Tel. 0185.720779
Fax 0185.721095


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Hotel Manuelina La Villa ****
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Recco (Genova)
Via Roma, 296
CAP 16036
Tel. 0185.74128
Fax 0185.721677
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Closed Wed. and Jan 10 to Feb 4.

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