Albergo Del Sole

Galletto alla diavola

This dish may seem simple. Actually, simple dishes put most cooks to the test. In fact, best ingredients and long experience are needed. The "galletto à la diavola" needs carefully timing to be grilled so as to be crispy outside and tender inside. Needless to say, that the chef keeps his secret about the spices. The choice of wines is outstanding.
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The Restaurant

Albergo Del Sole
of Mario and Francesca Colombani

Albergo Del Sole
There are records about this business that date back to 1464, when it was a well-known inn located near the Pizzighettone Bridge upon the Adda River on the Pavia - Cremona Road. The Colombani family has run the business for centuries handing down the inn from father to son. This has made the inn one of the sanctuaries for Lombard cuisine. The front-of-the-house as well as the hotel rooms is full of...

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