Ristorante 13 Giugno

of Saverio Dolcimascolo
Ristorante 13 Giugno

Well, let’s be frank, as soon as you get in any of Saverio Dolcimascolo’s restaurants, you feel unquestionably in Sicily. The beauties, the scents, the tastes of this island unmistakeably enhanced by the Mediterranean sun, capture you. The menu is full of extraordinary specialities, from caponata - an eggplant dish, to pasta with sardines; from swordfi sh involtini - thin slices of swordfi sh stuffed, rolled, and then either sautéed, or grilled, or roasted, to tuna fi let; from cannoli to the cassata. Needless to mention, the over 50 Sicilian wines.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Pasta con le sarde

You can enjoy over 20 dishes of pasta with fish thanks to the extraordinary abundance of fish in the Sicilian sea. The most famous dish is spaghetti with sardines; as soon as you taste it, you are taken. That is on account of its ingredients: real wild fennel, not a by-product, and pure Sicilian olive oil with its sour tomato taste, and last but not least a Sicilian chef to make this dish unique.

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