Taverna Del Colleoni & dell’Angelo

of Pierangelo Cornaro
Taverna Del Colleoni & dell’Angelo

Since the restaurant opened in 1744, it has been preserved so. Located in “Bergamo Alta”, it enjoys the setting of piazza Vecchia, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. In the summer, you will appreciate a candlelit dinner out in the open. Or, to your great delight, you may dine indoor under the Bramante vaults praised by Le Corbusier, the great architect. That’s where you can enjoy the mouth-watering dishes prepared by Pierangelo Cornaro who has been a pioneer of a cuisine encompassing creativity with tradition.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Guancetta di vitellino al profumo di cacao con polentina morbida al Taleggio

The best meat cut - a bit moist - is real delectableness. To keep it moist it must be simmered with finely chopped vegetables; vaporized red wine, and tomatoes that enhance colouring and texture. To make the dish super, the gravy is added with cocoa ... Try it, it’s beyond belief! The dish is paired with soft polenta and fondue of formaggio di grotta – local cheese specialty.

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