Trattoria Masuelli S. Marco

of Masuelli Family
Trattoria Masuelli S. Marco

This trattoria is highly regarded by lovers of the old style. The Masuelli family started their business in 1921. A grand Art Nouveau counter, “la boiserie” - lacquered wood panelling on the walls, wicker tables and Viennese straw-bottomed chairs, and lamps of 1930s by Gio Ponti. Noticeably, it is a friendly place thanks to the familyowned business. Pino, the owner always wearing an apron, is in the front-of-thehouse, Tina, his wife, and Max, their son, are in the back-of-the-house an ideal balance between tradition and innovation.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Solare: milanesine con risotto allo zafferano

The Masuellis, from Piedmont, are still faithful to Langhe and Monferrato specialities. Nonetheless, since they have been living in Lombardy for long, they have become so keen on the traditional "Meneghina-Milanese" cuisine that their restaurant has develop into a point of reference. Truly charming their dish of Buon Ricordo named “Solare – Overjoy”, a real work-of-art! The name of the dish conveys the image of saffron risotto topped with tiny, delicious Milanese cutlets.

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Solare: milanesine con risotto allo zafferano
Buon ricordo Plate
Where we are

Viale Umbria, 80
CAP 20135
Tel. 02.55184138
Fax 02.39844063

Opening and closing time

Closed on Sundays, and Mondays at lunch-time.
Holidays: from Dec. 25 to Jan. 5,
three weeks In Aug.

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