Zafferana Etnea (Catania)

Ristorante Parco dei Principi

of Enza Cutuli and Seby Sorbello
Ristorante Parco dei Principi

A sightseeing tour of Etna is highly recommended: overwhelming panoramas, luxuriant vegetation, and villages to discover. Zafferana is on the Ionic coast behind Acireale and the Ciclopi Riviera on the route winding up the volcano. Gourmets know how to get to this splendid villa, where meals are served in rooms with frescoes or in the shade of magnolia trees. The menu is based on inland products: meat, cold cuts, cheese, and a variety of mushrooms from Etna forests.

Buon Ricordo speciality

Bocconcini di manzo in foglie di limone con caponata leggera al miele di zagara e tortino di Ragusano Dop

This dish is a portrayal of how rich the extraordinary Sicilian food is. First caponata – based on eggplant, onion, potato, tomato, celery, olives, and capers is the queen of the vegetarian starters. This special caponata prepared with the unique taste of vinegar and orange blossom honey acquires a sweet-and-sour flavour. Then, bocconcini - tiny nuggets – of beef fillet that wrapped up in lemon leaves when grilled get a delicate fruity flavour. The Ragusano cheese Dop flan with its sharp savour crowns it all.

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