Ristorante Antico Brolo

Fantasia di Baccalà

Since the Serenissima Republic, Venetian chefs have always prepared excellent dishes based on dried or salt cod. At first, dried cod was imported as long-life food supplies; later on, it was used to prepare light meals for the days of abstinence. Eventually, it started to be cooked for aristocracy, so it acquired fame. Traditional recipes have inspired this fantasy dish sophisticatedly dished out to fulfil the expectations of demanding guests.
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The Restaurant

Ristorante Antico Brolo
of Mario Di Natale

Ristorante Antico Brolo
According to Venetian traditions, “brolo” is a typical enclosure where vegetables, fruit, and vineyards are grown. As a matter of fact, it is predominantly a place embodying a lifestyle philosophy combining duty with pleasure. This attitude is the spirit of this restaurant where superb cuisine is served. Conveniently located downtown Padua, it enjoys the signifi cant Dondi dell’Orologio...

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Where we are

Corso Milano, 22
CAP 35139
Tel. 049.664555
Fax 049.656088

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Opening and closing time

Closed on Mondays at lunchtime.

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